In my workshop programs I create a supportive and inspiring environment where artists learn from me as well as one another. My studio workshops are offered for all levels. Participants may choose to work from any subject matter and to explore various pastel techniques including mixed media and custom surfaces. Each session ends with a group critique, offering not only a chance to assess paintings but to share ideas about both concept and craft.  

My domestic plein air workshops are offered for all portable media. My emphasis is on the process of working, of focusing on the landscape with all of our senses, filtering what we see to create a visual record. I offer individualized instruction on technique, the universal elements of picture making, and assistance in developing a personal style. My role is to create a supportive working environment, encouraging creative exploration, and furthering each participant's evolution as an artist.

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I cannot thank you enough for sharing your time and experience with us again this fall. It is so refreshing to get out of my studio to be among other artists ... learning from each other ... and to share in your supportive and creative direction. 
— Barbara F.



There is no better way to travel than as an artist.  Not just a tourist passing through, we take time looking and then creating a visual record of our experience. Working plein air we absorb the landscape with all of our senses. This immersion brings a deep understanding of a place, not only of its visual uniqueness but also of its history, culture, and our shared humanity. 

Since 2011 I’ve been combining locations with people who are truly special to spend time with in order to create experiences that I would want to have.

Plein Air Asturias returns for its eighth year, June 21-28, 2020. This program is a collaboration with Judy Colaneri from Spanish Steps with whom I've created past programs Plein Air Gascony and Plein Air Camino

Plein Air Tuscany, September 26 - October 3, 2020. I have been invited to offer a plein air week at The Watermill in Posara Italy. I invite you to join me!!

Join me for an intimate, more authentic European experience. Practice Plein Air techniques as you immerse yourself in the perfect artistic environment: a magnificent landscape, a unique culture, comfortable lodging, and a supportive community of artists.
— Mary Padgett