About Our Tours:

After a summer in Europe as a 15 year old exchange student, experiencing foreign countries became an opportunity I give myself as often as I can. Different histories, languages, social customs, and even foods teach me about our shared world and validate our humanity. 

For these tours I’ve combined locations with people who are truly special to spend time with in order to create experiences that I would want to have. Asturias and Gascony are both regions off the tourist radar that are rich and authentic in their cultural tradition. In Tuscany, we go below the touristy surface for unique encounters offered by trusted guides that I’ve come to know over many years.

For our walks in Asturias and Gascony, Judy Colaneri from Spanish Steps is our extraordinary leader. For the past five years my husband, Buzz, has joined me for these tours. Like me, he values sharing the travel experience so that at the end of the week a group that came together independently departs with warm memories and friendships.

Join me for an intimate, more authentic European experience. Practice Plein Air techniques as you immerse yourself in the perfect artistic environment: a magnificent landscape, a unique culture, comfortable lodging, and a supportive community of artists.
— Mary Padgett, Artist