Gascony Itinerary

September 7-14, 2017

We’ll be adding more specifics including culinary tastings and producer visits as they are confirmed.


Day 1 | getting settled

Transfer from the Toulouse train station to our accommodations in Condom,Maison d’ hôtes de Charme Les Bruhasses.


day 2 | La romieu

 Chemin walk and on-site plein air in the walled town of La Romieu.  The award winning Gardens of Coursiana, with 700 trees and shrubs from around the world, is located here. Later on we’ll stop at the restored medieval Abby du Flaran.

Day 3 | Baïse River

Chemin walk and plein air in Condom along the Baïse River. Armagnac tasting.

day 4 | Larressingle

Chemin walk and plein air opportunities in Larressingle, the smallest fortified village in France. We'll also be having a late day visit to a private art collection.



day 5 | Montréal-du-Gers

Chemin walk and plein air in Montréal-du-Gers, designated a Most Beautiful Village in France. This hilltop bastide town was founded in 1289. Afterward a stop at the excavated 4th century Gallo-Roman villa of Séviac to see the site’s architecture and extraordinary well-preserved mosaic floors.

day 6 | Fourcès

Chemin walk and plein air in Fourcès, another Most Beautiful Village in France and known for its unique circular bastide.  

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Day 7 | Eauze

Chemin walk and plein air in Eauze, the capital of Armagnac.

day 8 | going home

Transfer to Toulouse train station following breakfast